• Maddie On Tour!

    Just did a little video with Theron Humphrey promoting his upcoming book tour and concurrent documentary project. Check it out!

  • Two days ago I went to E6 to drop off some film. A sign on the door said that as of that date they’d be ceasing operations. Awful news. I spent an hour or so listening to the old timers reminisce about the glory days of film processing. Back when they couldn’t process it fast enough. The glory days of strange nude pictures being dropped off for processing. When digital hit the nudie pics dried up.

    I made it in just before the 2pm cutoff. My roll of film was the last one accepted.

    This is the last shot on the last roll they ever processed.

    R.I.P E6

  • Shot a local favorite, Kevin Rathbun, for Men’s Book Atlanta this month.

  • Outtake from a shoot that Jtrav and I did together last week for a friend of his.