A Height-Adjustable Webcam to Maintain Eye Contact

With the strength that video calls have acquired during the last year, due to the entire context of the current period, many initiatives have arisen that seek to improve and make this communication channel more efficient.

Height-Adjustable Webcam

From the hand of two television professionals comes an interesting and new device, which manages to correct a detail that has bothered more than one person: a web camera that can be adjusted so as not to lose visual contact with your interlocutors.

The Problem: Loss Of Eye Contact During Video Calls

The location of the mobile device that is used, the position of the external webcam or the inclination of the screen of a laptop or the use of a second monitor, are the key factor that defines the way in which we appear on the screen during the development of a video call. This, in general, is defined under a criterion of comfort, before any other audiovisual reason.

In itself, this is not an entirely serious problem, since contact can still be achieved effectively. However, in times where communications are getting colder and colder, with the additional weight of the distancing of these times, the possibility of ensuring adequate eye contact can completely revalue a telematic conversation.

In some cases, the mere act of establishing a conversation, beyond the details, might be sufficient in some cases. But there are also other situations that require a more thorough treatment, especially in those where non-verbal communication plays a fundamental role, such as in conducting interviews or online classes, during remote psychological care sessions, incorporate instances or communication policies and also, outside the professional sphere, it is even useful in conversations with loved ones, to name a few examples.

The Solution: An Adjustable Webcam

A solution that recently appeared on the scene is the View-You Cam, by Dan Baker and Jonathan Pykett, two television professionals, with experience in front of and behind the cameras, respectively.


This webcam uses an adjustable mount for monitors of different dimensions, including the curved edge of iMac, and a vertical axis that can be adjusted to mark the height of the device, ideally at eye level to achieve the desired purpose.

Regarding its main specifications, the View-You Cam uses a 6.3mm focal aperture sensor, which captures video at a maximum resolution of 1080p, at 30 frames per second.

This device promises to be durable and its creators ensure that its raw materials are sustainable, recyclable and the product, in general, is certified under ISO standards for environmental management, social responsibility and quality control.

Currently, the project is in its crowdfunding phase, in which access to the camera is offered in advance if a contribution of 70 pounds sterling or more is made, approximately 77 euros.

All the details about this project can be found in its financing campaign on Kickstarter, which will run until January 16, 2021.

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